About Us

Regency was established in 2009 by Aodan Bourke and Patricia Hinch as a corporate development platform to develop residential communities and mixed use schemes in Ireland. We have a proud track record of delivering high quality schemes ranging from starter homes to luxury developments for the higher end of the market. In addition our Consulting & Property Services division assists land owners to work out property portfolios across all market sectors and at various stages of the development lifecycle.

Houses For Life

We are passionate about designing and creating innovative residential developments which will provide a high-quality of life for those who choose to live there. We want the developments to stand out as being sustainable as well as desirable, functional as well as stylish. We do this by being very focused on understanding the needs and wants of customers, on who they are, on how they live their lives now, and on how their needs will develop as they move through life. This vision feeds directly into the design process both in terms of the external environment we create as well as the internal functionality and style of each individual unit type in each scheme. This customer-focused approach is continued through the construction process where the highest quality materials and most up-to-date technologies and construction methods are applied in order to deliver a product that will endure through time and will contribute to people’s well-being and quality of life.

Corporate Team

The Regency Team have a proven strong track record in delivering a best practice approach. Regency’s team is multi-disciplined with commercial, financial, engineering and sales professionals which allow us to offer a complete solution based approach to development. Regency has the ability to assess the market demographics to identify and quantify the housing need, evaluate potential sites and develop them out using a disciplined and scalable approach.